Thursday, June 23, 2005

china more popular than the u.s.

daddy warbuck's urinals

WOW. talk about a turn of events. it's funny how things work out, isn't it? just a few years ago, china used to wear z. cavaricci's and zubaz even though they were 'so 2 decades ago', but now, china's fingering amber cooper (captain of the cheerleading squad) in his camaro every day after lunch.

America's image is still so tattered abroad after the Iraq war that China is viewed more favourably than the US in many countries, a global poll finds.
In most countries surveyed, Americans are seen as "inventive" and "hardworking", but they are also seen by many in both Western and predominately Muslim countries as "violent" and "greedy" - a judgement with which many Americans agree.

The survey was conducted among nearly 17,000 people from 20 April to 31 May with samples of about 1,000 in most countries, with more interviews in India and China and slightly fewer than 1,000 in the European countries.

(pic is of the urinals in the downstairs bathroom of the philadelphia racquet club. even the urinals there have an air of arrogance.)

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