Tuesday, October 25, 2005


scoble blogs about scanR (which might prove to be the only legitimate instance of the already overused -R suffix). basically, it lets you use your 1+ megapixel camera phone as a scanner, fax machine, etc. cool, cool shit which lends more credence to beattie's corollary: "if someone is using a pc to demo the Next Big Thing...then it's not the next big thing."

interestingly, as pervasive as cell phones are in grenada, there really aren't any home-grown mobile apps to speak of (granted, grenadians are too busy rebuilding their nation after hurricane ivan to worry about the latest cool comm hack).

the closest thing to a mobile app that i've seen down here is the nokia 1100's built in flashlight, which is pretty handy during power outages. and when i go out to parties, i've seen a lot of dj's using them while digging through their crates...kinda made me think about convergence in a new way.

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