Sunday, April 25, 2004

more medical informatics stuff

via the medical informatics blog:

this new study on computerized order entry in ambulatory care settings is pretty interesting. for the lazy, here are some stats:

" more than $3 billion and prevent nearly 250,000 medication related injuries annually."

" individual California providers about $29,000 a year in expenses."

"Also, entering important information directly into a computer would help providers, on average, prevent approximately nine adverse drug reactions each year."

"CPOE systems have been shown to reduce serious medication errors by more than 50 percent, increase compliance with care guidelines, and improve the use of diagnostic tests in inpatient settings. However, adoption of CPOE in ambulatory settings (ACPOE) has been much slower, according to the researchers"

also, a little summary of health care problems and opportunities, written by hillary clinton for the nyt mag.


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