Thursday, August 05, 2004

see timmy? dreams DO come true!

mary k. letourneau is a free woman at last. well, as free as any level 2 sex offender can be.

Letourneau, 42, pleaded guilty to raping Fualaau when he was 12. The case has spawned books, a made-for-TV movie and relentless media attention from around the world.

they forgot to mention "innumerable masturbatory fantasies" in that list.

As a Level 2 sex offender, Letourneau is considered likely to reoffend. She is living in a house south of Seattle near the airport, to be close to the two daughters she has with Fualaau and for the sake of convenience when her four other children visit from Alaska, a friend of Letourneau's said.
Letourneau was a 34-year-old elementary school teacher in Des Moines in an unhappy marriage when, in 1996, her friendship with 12-year-old Fualaau mutated into flirtation and then sex. Their passion raged out of control, Fualaau testified in a 2002 civil trial. "We had sex in the gym, we had sex in the girl's bathroom and we had sex in her classroom," he said in court.


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