Friday, April 29, 2011

How I Came to Work at Wendy's

A sample.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Higher education bubble?

Suppose there is a game with a billion participants. Each participant starts with a (fair) coin. Each round, every participant flips his/her coin. If a person flips a heads, they get a dollar. If a person flips tails, they lose everything. After twenty-five rounds, what happens? Someone will try to write a book explaining how to flip heads twenty-five times in a row.

Enter Peter Thiel, venture capital wunderkind. Thiel predicted the dot-com bust, the housing bubble, and now....the higher education bubble.

Is higher education a bubble? Do employers over-value a college education? Is a college education worth the debt?

Kansas is flatter than a pancake...and other improbable science

I recently discovered the Annals of Improbable Research, which chronicles all manner of ridiculous research. Some highlights:

Anyway, get back to work.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Hot Zone II

I want to be on this epidemiology team:

An outbreak of Legionnaires disease at the Playboy mansion that left more than 70 people ill has been traced to a hot tub on the estate.

There's a great USMLE vignette in here somewhere...

Atlas Shrugged: acid in her face

The following is my submission for the best sentence in a movie review ever.
``He must realize that the Taggart-Rearden "romance" is only romantic inasmuch as Rearden does not forcibly rape her or throw acid in her face upon what their lawyers deem satisfactory completion of coitus."
This sentence may be the only positive thing that has come of Ayn Rand's legacy. For the rest of the review of the movie Atlas Shrugged (from which this quote was shamelessly cribbed), see here.
The lines for the premiere in LA were apparently filled with 75-or-something objectivists, who are not bothered by the fact that this is likely a movie that is worse than Battlefield Earth. Normally, I like to see the movie before I hate it, but I, like the writer of the afore-linked review, refuse to pay to see it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I want one, now.

Saw this on Engadet, and there's a video of it on CNET. It seems to do pretty much everything you want it to, except give you a happy ending. This would come in handy especially after inadvertently eating some kind of dairy.

If at first you don't succeed: redefine success

April 5, 2004 at 2:05 AM -- just over SEVEN years ago -- the very first communique on Fratocrate's Excellence Through Mediocrity was submitted for your viewing discomfort. It took exactly 17 more minutes for post #2, resulting in one of the earliest references to microwaved banana peels ever on the internet. Pretty powerful stuff.

Since then, the blogosphere has devolved into a simulacrum of modern hollywood...creativity, personal voice, and discovery trumped by crass consumerism and derivative works.

The internet's petri dish has of course since moved to twitter, which has led to JHC's Corollary: "The length of an effective blog post shall be directly proportional to the amount of time it takes to find and procure a clip of Jenna Haze getting DP'ed." (tempted to provide a link). I don't know what's going to happen to our collective attention spans once the fiber starts rolling into our homes and LTE radiates rapidshared porn directly into our wrinkly balls.

I want a return to the good old the long form from the amateurs and not just the new yorker. I want to check my referrer logs again to see who's morbid curiosity is piqued by my photoshop masterpieces. I want In The Crease to post "funny" comments again so that we can all laugh at him behind his back like the good old days.

I know, I know, too much to ask. In the meantime, peep an old friend of ETM, stacey dash, selling sex over a great Curren$y track (haven't been able to find it yet)

yours truly,
a resurrected JHC

Wednesday, April 13, 2011