Thursday, April 29, 2004

Bush's Fanaticism?

Tonight there'll be a PBS documentary about George Bush's faith. From the [NYTimes article]: "The question is not, When did George W. Bush accept Jesus as his personal savior? The "Frontline" documentary "The Jesus Factor," on PBS tonight, raises a different issue: Do most Americans realize just how fervent the president's evangelical faith really is?"

As if we weren't frightened enough already: "at a time when Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" is one of the top-earning movies, and the "Left Behind" series of books, apocalyptic Christian thrillers by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins (the Antichrist heads the United Nations), has outsold John Grisham, the evangelical Christian movement is highly visible even in places like New York and Los Angeles."

Google IPO

Google, the company whose search engine may well be one of the greatest inventions ever has decided to go public[Google IPO]. Let's recall some of the brilliance of google. I) [Google Search for Weapons of Mass Destruction], II) At how many decibels does a bee hive buzz? [Depends whether the queen is present.]. What random google stories have yee?

Another Reason Why Doctors are Useless (oh radiohead is cool too...)

Ah, NPR, the bringer of bad news to all kinds of professions due to technology. Today's profession: endocrinologists. Apparently some brilliant foreigner has come up with a biological machine that is capable of curing some types of cancer in a lab. Good thing to know that the job my mom wants me to do will soon be accomplished by single celled organisms. I wonder if they have to go through 4 years of med school too...

20/20 is also getting some shit as they have created a segment that combines adoption with "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego." My favorite line "3 couples will lose. 1 will win." Who the hell says stuff like that about human life. Discuss amongst yourselves how you feel.

Another interesting segment is about how they are using acoustics to create a cooling device, which will mean less global warming and colder winters as the cooling system will be “eco-friendly.”(assholes).

Also, if you are observant, you will see a music button that says "Black Star" with a composer Thomas Yorke. Sound familiar? It’s that piano remake stuff Jesus always talks about. Gonna get the CD soon or see the concert. I'll post on what that is like.

Untill then, remember that ur music still sucks and that I hate you all

more on mtv's celebrity plastic surgery fuck fest

if you pervs can make it past the britney spears story on this msn gossip shit, there's some interesting stuff said by kate winslet regarding the mtv show 'i want a famous face'. one of the participants on the show apparently underwent plastic surgery to look like winslet.

winslet says, among other things:

...she felt it was her duty to watch the show, but admits within minutes she was "crying in horror." "This girl had collected magazine covers with me on the front," she recalls. "And she was saying, 'I really want to have Kate Winslet's breasts. Just look at how well-shaped they are, pert and soft.' And I thought, No, darling, my breasts don't look like that. I've had two kids. It's a digitally altered image!"

the girl that underwent the surgery has this to say:

MTV: Are you pleased with the results of your surgery?
JENNETTE: I am more than pleased with the results of the surgery! I feel foxy and ferocious!
[Ed: foxy and ferocious? really. that's the best you can come up with? ferocious? are you sure you know what these words mean? okay. i'll take your word for it.]

MTV: Was it worth it? Why or why not?
JENNETTE: I would do the whole thing over again in a heartbeat...I can't even begin to tell you how worth it the whole surgery was.

while i support winslet's grandstanding because i hope it might force women to realize that the images they consume are synthetic, i find it somewhat self-indulgent of her to kinda-sorta imply that her pseudo-celebrity is responsible for this poor sap wanting bigger tits. but who am i to judge.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

more news on fundamentalism

some clown in the house of representatives with a bad tie omitted the stupid 'under god' while leading the house in the pledge of allegiance. as expected, mother fuckers worked themselves into a frenzy of reckless savagery and insane fury.

Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, accused McDermott of "embarrassing the House and disparaging the majority of Americans who share the values expressed in the pledge. He and those like him stand more for the liberal left than they do for our friends and neighbors."

this, of course, is related to the current supreme court case Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow, regarding whether it is constitutional or not to have the pledge (in its current incarnation) recited at all in schools.

the reference to god was not introduced into the pledge until the 1950s, after representative mcdermott had learned the pledge as the cnn article points out. more information about the previous federal appellate case leading to the supreme court case and subsequent idiotic reactions to it can be found at this fucking article.

not to be out done, the bbc reports on a new package of sharia laws in the northern nigerian state of zamfara. even if your monkey ass doesn't read the article, take a look at the sign that the state government put up -- just look at it:

yes, you are not losing your mind. the fucking welcome sign says: "welcome to zamfara state. home of farming and sharia. we wish you a happy stay."

i'm beginning to see why the excesses of stalinism were necessary.

on a side note, what the fuck are they saying the pledge of allegiance at the house of representatives anyway? and why do they need someone to lead them in it? aren't they already wasting enough of my time and money without regressing to second grade? is the house minority whip peeling a layer of elmer's glue off his hand and freaking out the girl representatives as we speak?

Morals on South Park

This seems reminiscent of the NYTimes "Grunge Dictionary" incident about 10 years ago. Actually, any time the NYTimes reviews something of "pop-cultural" origin (e.g. Eminem's movie 8-mile, Radiohead and Sigur Ros, Mos Def...) I start wondering whether they're overanalyzing. Sometimes fart jokes and other digestive humor really are just puerile humor. [South Park]


What's the difference between Christian, Islamic and Hindu fundamentalism? Who knows, but it is wrong to call secret societies such as Opus Dei, which have been denounced as fascist, ([Opus Dei] and the unofficial Opus Dei FAQ [Opus Dei FAQ]) fundamentalist organizations? Dan Brown's book the Da Vinci code claims to present truthful depictions of the rituals of Opus Dei (see [The Da Vinci Code]). In other news, Islamic fundamentalists just seem to be more in the news these days: [NYTimes]. And with upcoming Indian elections, who knows what's going to happen.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

bush on emr

wow, even bushimus maximus is shouting about emr. while i'm normally pretty bad at distinguishing between something being an overhyped meme or actually reaching critical mass, i'm unfortunately begining to think that all this political emr discussion is more of the former. why? b/c of the picture of bush speaking about it:

show of hands: how many of you guys think that he just said "paper records are evil. emr makes hard decisions for our security."? that look of his can make even an innanimate abstract idea, like emr, look like a douche bag.

setting a new record for making my head implode with the fewest number of letters possible

MOAMMAR GADHAFI, the guy that's the leading authority in getting the world to think that people named moammar are fucking insane, has said this:

"Libya calls on all countries, from America to China, to discard and get rid of all WMD. Libya has become an example to be followed."

he goes on to say more, but that's all you really need to know, and sadly, i think the clown is right. what kind of fucked up world are we living in where libya has become an example to be followed? do you realize how fucked up all the other nations in the world have to be if they are looking up to libya?

in any case, i'd normally call any dude with a jerri curl a grade a fucking shit-stain, but this mother fucker has a phalanx of FEMALE BODYGUARDS DRESSED IN BLUE CAMOFLAUGE. cnn even goes so far as to call it his trademark. that, i my book, makes moammar my main man in tripoli.

more AI -- lenat on common sense

if you were interested in the ai article posted by torless, (and you have a computer capable of playing windows media files) you should check out this lecture by doug lenat -- the founder of the cyc project.

it's been a while since i've seen the lecture, but i vaguely remember an extremely interesting section where lenat describes humans as being non-rational or trans-rational or something along those lines. he goes on to give examples of such non-rationality in human behavior.

i think this opens the door to a certain tension between human and machine intelligence. if humans (even intelligent and highly trained humans) are indeed non-rational, should we be trusting each other to make important decisions?

collaterally, an old and unfortunately no longer freely available nyt's article talks about research on how difficult it is for people to predict how they will feel in the future. they called this 'affective forecasting'. i have a copy of the article lying around, so if you would like to read it and don't have an nyt's subscription, drop me a line.


Tired of spam and want filters? Why not try to make Bayesian Analysis work for you. [NYTimes Article] The article opens with a synopsis of the Richard Powers novel Galatea 2.2 [Galatea 2.2] and a discussion of the Cyc inference engine [OpenCyc].

imagine the hell spawn of marshall mcluhan and joan rivers

i'm sure i've sent you chaps to this blog, where personal ads are written to fit the demeanor and style of fashion ads. memepool reminded me to throw it out there again, b/c seriously, the girl does not dissapoint.

i could ramble for a bit about what the content of the blog says about the media of fashion advertising and/or personal ads (read this link: it's good), but i'll just hit you with this gem instead:

"Eccentric fashion student seeks playmate. I spent a semester in Paris, and I do things that American girls think are gross."

Monday, April 26, 2004

mobile dating

anne galloway comments on justin hall's article about dating in a mobile society (using mobile in the as many sematic senses as possible). hall asks:

Have our chances of "hooking up" been augmented by mobile devices? . . . Are mobile phones likely to contribute to any long-term changes in the way humans practice courtship and the pleasure of partnering? As a flood of dating and matchmaking sites jostle to introduce us to more people, faster, will that lead to a proliferation of promiscuity?

as you can imagine, hall ends up asking more questions than he answers, but the article is interesting nonetheless. the best part of the article is when nalini kotamraju, one of the interviewees, says:

"Casual hook-ups are one of the things that sociologists have done the poorest job with. We just don't know enough about casual sex."

snickering ensues. (btw, her quotes page has delillo and 'six degrees of separation'. that's fucking hot.)

ultimately though, i'm somewhat wary of all this talk of toothing and shit. does anybody actually do this? maybe i'm just behind the times....perhaps if i upgraded my cold-war era cellular phone, i would be exposed to the sexual bounty that is sms whoredom (a.k.a. herpes). but really, even if it does occur -- and occur frequently at that -- does this change anything? it might amplify an existing behavior, but i don't believe the amplification corresponds to a shift in social mores.

Learn to be a non-showering hipster at home!

Well family, after watching my nerdy counter parts do their fair share of blogging for all of South India, i thought that i should join in the tom foolery. So, after many restless nights of thinking about what i do that wastes as much time as Jesus's websurfing/porn hounding, i decidided to share the only thing i One must understand, however, that i am what is known as a moderate 'hipster,' meaning i'm an asshole when it comes to music. Now that you all know this, i'm gonna hit you a group i just saw perform this weekend.

When trying to describe the secret machines, my friends and i had some problems. A very solid rock band to say the least, a friend of mine compared it to a stripped down version of your favorite album and mine--OK computer. Something else i read called the Pink Flyod if Pink Floyd were an indie band. Though i think comparing them to radiohead or Flyod is a bit of a streach, their abilities to weave a romantic sense of music and fluid lyrics allows them to stand out more that most bands. For me, it is not easy to concentrate on just the music or just the lyrics of this band. They go hand in hand so well and seemlessly flow into one sound that works to their advantage. From ballads that build and fall (The leaves are gone) to songs that make you wish you weren't listening to them through your 4x2 inch computer speakers (The Road Lead Where It's Led - my favorite and Pharaoh's Daughter - probably the song that sounds most like Pink Flyod). There sound is quite dynamic for only 3 guys and they have a good variation in their sound. Anyway, go to the website and listen to their streaming album. Their album comes out on May 18th and they are touring this summer. They are also really nice guys, i got to meet them--enjoy

what would jesus download?


however, according to some piece of shit nyt article, the misguided youth of today are downloading christian music instead. well, if that's what they want, i can't stop them.

an interesting factoid:

Religious recordings account for nearly 7 percent of all music sales, more than the combined total of jazz and classical.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

more medical informatics stuff

via the medical informatics blog:

this new study on computerized order entry in ambulatory care settings is pretty interesting. for the lazy, here are some stats:

" more than $3 billion and prevent nearly 250,000 medication related injuries annually."

" individual California providers about $29,000 a year in expenses."

"Also, entering important information directly into a computer would help providers, on average, prevent approximately nine adverse drug reactions each year."

"CPOE systems have been shown to reduce serious medication errors by more than 50 percent, increase compliance with care guidelines, and improve the use of diagnostic tests in inpatient settings. However, adoption of CPOE in ambulatory settings (ACPOE) has been much slower, according to the researchers"

also, a little summary of health care problems and opportunities, written by hillary clinton for the nyt mag.

and...WE'RE BACK!

this shit about jesus' foreskin is bananas. the fact that this is part of church cannon makes all my previous (and future) blasphemies seem like small change.

BY FAR the best part:

Apart from its physical importance as a relic, the Holy Foreskin appears in a famous vision of Saint Catherine of Siena. In the vision, Christ mystically marries her, and his amputated foreskin is given to her as a wedding ring.

take that de beers.

and now, a pause from your regularly scheduled programming.

pictures of the aurora borealis.

Friday, April 23, 2004

is it just me, or is it getting tougher and tougher to meet whores?

according to this little ditty about online dating, it fortunately is just me. the article also adds more ammunition to the rampant speculation that women are insane.

specifically, speaking to the first point:

Sixteen percent of all male participants reported having had a “purely sexual relationship” with a female respondent. . .Thirty-four percent of all females seeking males. . .reported having had a “purely sexual relationship”.

that's basically a 2:1 ratio of female:male whoredom. strangely, it also means that out of every 100 women, 34 of them are banging the same 16 dudes. what the fuck is up with that? if karl marx wrote about getting laid, this is exactly the kind of shit he would be railing against.

with regards to the second point:

34 percent of all females seeking males. . .stated they were “highly unlikely” or “definitely not” willing to meet online matches in person after a brief online courtship. Only 34 percent of those stated they were more likely to meet an online partner in person after a lengthy courtship.

for you c-level employees that need the executive summary, this means that a full 11% of all women on dating sites have no intention whatsoever to actually fucking date. does this make sense? i'm sure it does if you're a girl.

to bring everything to a tidy conclusion, the combination of these two factors will continue to be the albatross around my neck: pulling me deeper and deeper into a morass of despair and depravity until my dessicated body is eventually found inside the broom closet of a sudanese whore house.

p.s.: torless, perhaps you could expound upon this, but i found the numbers striking. for example, ~10% of the female respondants are superwhores, having more than one purely sexual encounter, while ~10% are superprudes, not even willing to date someone after they put up a personal on a dating site. coincidental symmetry?
even more interesting: a standard deviation contains 68% of a (sub)population, meaning that it excludes 32%. and what number kept popping up with regards to female sexual behavior?: 34%. another coincidence? i don't know, but i'm begining to think that female whoredom is a normally distributed gaussian, with whores being only one sigma away from the average girl. if my math is right, then superwhores are 2 sigmas away.

i've got the number 13 emblazened on my von dutch trucker hat

if you get the titular reference, you lay claim to a blowjob. gratis.

do you think johnny cash is pissed about this t-shirt? or do you think that he's up in heaven with a hypodermic hanging out of his arm mumbling, '...fuck it'.

on a related note, i fully endorse this ashtray featuring my likeness.

News from the town of princes

Our great guru has abandoned us--we have been left to our own devices and shall run rampant upon this earth. Where have you gone o guru? Why hast thou forsaken us?

In your stead I shall tell a story. The setting: the student coffee house at a major university. The story: boy has crush on girl. However, boy is intensely shy and unable to muster courage to talk to girl. (Sounds like the beginning of many stories) Boy pines after girl for 5 weeks, returning every day to coffee shop just to sit around girl. Eventually girl notices something and talks to boy. Boy is ecstatic and buys girl coffee. Girl smiles and accepts. The beginning of a beautiful romance? Not in this university. Girl accuses boy of being a stalker. Laughable? Sad? Absurd? Maybe all of the above, but also a true story and not the first time we've heard this story from the hallowed halls of ivy.

Friday, April 16, 2004

that was the best title they could come up with?

nyt 'home & garden' section drops by jenna jameson's domicile. too bad those pics are fucking microscopic. torless, my young lad, whip me up some algorithms that will ensure my dick entering her mouth at sometime in the future, even if it is in the string-theoried 7th dimension or something.

can't be done you say? come come now. pish posh, old chap, pish posh.

identity, image, self

julie leung waxes prosaic about gen-y's lack of identity. she examines this through the lens of makeover shows -- well, not really, more like shows where people want to become someone else...a more extreme form of makeover. it's an interesting read, as are the secondary links in her writeup (esp. the profiles on the mtv site). i personally don't care much for the generations differentiation: i think this kind of stuff applies to all generations, especially when they are young.

more on a9

this business 2.0 article has an interview with the project lead. the interviewer proposes a really interesting future direction for a9, which the lead unfortunately kinda refutes:

By overlaying what you're looking for onto what you've already found -- and, ultimately, what you've consumed -- A9 aims for the holy grail of search and e-commerce. While others have tried to create personalized interfaces, none has worked so far. Users don't like to answer questionnaires about what they like and what they don't; often they lie. But Amazon already knows who you are -- or at least, what you buy. With A9, the company can factor in what you browse and search for as well.

And the best part, from Amazon's perspective, is that the more things you buy at Amazon, and the more you browse with A9, the better the company will know you. Ideally, it's win-win -- you get better results, Amazon gets more sales.

mtv: media, youth, politics

this villiage voice article on youth, media, and voting loses some credibility by claiming that mtv plays music videos. otherwise, quite interesting...if for no other reason that for the statistics it gives.

por ejemplo:

A recent Pew Research Center survey revealed that only 23 percent of young people 18-29 get their campaign news from network anchors.


An MTV survey showed 27 percent of voters 18 to 30 consider themselves Democrats, 31 percent Republican, and 38 percent independent or undecided.


this is probably the only legitimate use of the preceding 200 years of scientific achievement. i'm not being facetious either. this is brilliant.

how bad can huffing be?

this clown does a wine tasting on magic markers by huffing them. hilarious....almost.

stephenson's confusion

neil stephenson talks about his new book, 'the confusion', and financial markets in this interesting wired interview

Thursday, April 15, 2004

subservient chicken info

if you're still wondering how bk's el pollo subserviento gets down, check out this article on

for the lazy, here's the punchline:

In fact, CP+B came up with about 400 different actions that the chicken could do, and then filmed them in the course of a day in Los Angeles.

fortunately, chicks dig asbestos-related cancer

the blogosphere is saying that mesothelioma, the term for an asbestos related cancer, is the most expensive search term to purchase on search engines. the price can be as high as $100 A FUCKING CLICK (apparently, $30 on google's adsense).

amazingly, a9 turned up ZERO web results for 'blowjob'

and that's the fucking truth! amazon's new search service a9 is pretty rad, but that is just too fucking weird mang! in case you were wondering (and are too fucking lazy to click the fucking link), there were about 400 results from within the searchable books on amazon.

for comparison, searching for handjob on a9 turns up 861 web results, and 97 book results. searching for ANALINGUS turned up 361 web results and 50 book results. so this begs the question: what does amazon have against blowjobs?

other than this glaring -- GLARING -- omission, a9 is pretty fucking rad; i wish i was writing some type of research paper so that i could combine the power of searching the web with searching the texts of books. all the other niceties of a9 are pretty impressive too, such as the search history and the followed link history. i wish i could try out their toolbar b/c their diary feature sounds rad, but i aint tryin to use no internet explorer, ya heard? perhaps you haven't. i even think the ui is awesome -- with its draggable/resizable elements and what not --, and i'm not even really a ui geek.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

...and if this is your first time at Lisp Club: you've GOT to use macros

this dude has started learning lisp (after TWENTY FIVE years of being a coder! damn! i didn't know coders lived that long!!!) and has put up a blog documenting the trials, pitfalls, and successes he encounters along the way.

dark p2p

you might have heard about WASTE in recent /. and wired articles. it's an encrypted p2p fabric, seemingly more akin to gnutella than freenet, with services such as chat and file transfer build ontop of it. looks pretty cool....


if you know me, then you know that i jack off to the possibility of moving the health care industry towards a paperless office. openEMR (electronic medical records) is a GPL'ed project working towards the same goal. it's web based, which i'm actually not that big of a fan of, but i can see the administration benefits. i just think that web apps are kinda kludgey when it comes to flow. i wish i could play around with something like flex or java webstart for creating rich internet applications for emr.

anyway, a couple of clinics that are running openEMR have submitted testimonials that speak very highly of the paperless office in general and openEMR specifically. one of these peeps even uses the tablet pc's that tizza has been yapping about.

from comments, it looks like the product needs some integration with some billing software along with the ability to order and receive lab reports, but the future looks bright for emr and medical informatics in general. at least i hope so.

on a related note, a couple of medical informatics blogs (which is where i picked up on the openEMR success stories).

randall mcnally? meet camera phone. camera phone? meet upskirt community. oh, you've already met?

this sounds pretty cool, but i wonder how the 'recognize horizontal and vertical lines' algorithm will work if my frank gehry conspiracy theory comes true?

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

i wish i was a kid again

i want to buy the ann "goebbels with tits" coulter doll and the jesus doll and make them hump each other.

there are some other cool dolls at both websites (unfortunately (fortunately?), the right wing neo-nazi dolls do not have their own page, but if you scroll down on the ann coulter doll page, there are links on the left).

tangentially, there is only one page that google returns when searching for the phrase "ann coulter is a stupid fucking cunt". hopefully, this humble blog will work to remedy this situation. i encourage my fellow posters to sprinkle their posts/comments with any such syntactical variant that maintains the semantic purpose of the quotation in question. because if google doesn't think that ann coulter is a cunt, then the terrorists really have won.

more academic masturbation

torless, here's that blog entry i was telling you about on academic blogging. if your little lady saw the article, i would fully expect her to spit on the computer screen, but hopefully you will have a more constructive take on the issue.


sometimes, having a little brother who's into japanese culture is pretty cool, othertimes, it's just fucking weird.

easter idiots

via lowculture:
"I waited until today because today is the day that Jesus rose from the dead," said Linda Brown, 40, of The Bronx as she headed into the AMC Theatres Empire 25 in Times Square. "I thought it was appropriate to see this film instead of going to church."

Monday, April 12, 2004

Forthcoming books -
"Eats, Shoots and Leaves" - Lynne Truss [Eats, Shoots and Leaves]
"The Confusion" - Neal Stephenson [The Confusion]

you want porn?

Finally got around to reading some Vonnegut. What better place to start than Slaughterhouse 5? Schlachthof Funf! As our erstwhile leader would say: "How many times do I have to tell you that I don't speak Nazi." I owe you five kowtows and a walk in a field of caltrops Jesus Henry. Some random information for those of you who appreciate that kind of Trivia. I guess the firebombing of Dresden fits into one of the general themes of this page. Kilgore Trout is Vonnegut's alter ego: based loosely on the actual sci-fi writer Theodore Sturgeon. "His stories get published only in porn magazines (such as the Black Garterbelt). The reason is simple: They cover the space between 'wide-open-beaver' photos and are incredibly cheap (Nobody reads them anyway). [Kilgore Trout]" Was Howard W. Cambell Jr. really a Nazi sympathizer? Well, check out Vonnegut's other book Mother Night. [Mother Night]. Ilium was the site of the Trojan war. [Ilium]. Finally, and this is the best, but Tralfamadore also appears in Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan. [Tralfamadore][Sirens of Titan].

just saw 'the kite' starring this little strumpet who i would gladly step on a landmine for.
this excellent movie takes place along the border of lebanon and israel, and is about a lot of things. . . mostly revolving around fresh young 15 year old olive skin, pouty lips, and legs that go all the way up to here. what most people forget about this war torn political hotbed -- and the point that this movie really hammers home -- is that israeli, jordanian, syrian, and lebanese girls are FUCKING HOTTER THAN SHIT. i can't remember the last time i have met a girl from any of those countries and not jacked off to them. don't believe me? BOOYAH!!
in summary: kikes and towel-heads, why the fuck are you fucking throwing rocks/hellfire missles at each other when you should be fucking all the hot girls over there? seriously.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

wow, these predictions (accusations?) about where google will go next are pretty crazy/impressive (definitely take the time to at least read the kottke post).
google really has become more of a 'second computer' than i could have imagined. i use it to fucking spellcheck for christ's sake. it probably has enhanced (or at least changed) my life in more ways that i would care to admit.
i even have this crazy idea floating in my head of google haves and have-nots: a distinction made between people who can and can't formulate good search querries, resulting in an information imbalance that goes on to influence effeciency/efficacy/enjoyment in work and personal life.
but that's just me talking, and i spend 20 hours a day infront of a god damn computer, so maybe real people are concerned more about stuff like american idol or the apprentice whatever than any of the things that google provides.

Friday, April 09, 2004

these digital photograhy backup devices seem cool, and i like the pics as well.

if you haven't seen burger king's subservient chicken yet, you are a fucking moron and likely a terrorist.
at first i was skeptical, until i asked him to 'hump the couch'.......and he did!
this wiki is trying to categorize all the actions he will and won't do.

via lowculture:
if your humble blogger, jesus henry christos, was a drunken fratboy, he would consider this the best quotation EVAR (incidentally, by a woman (presumably)):

"God Created Women with Breasts to Hold Beer."

blog with a lot of crap on jini.

if jesus hadn't been resurected, i sure hope that he would have been spinning in his grave upon seeing shit like this.
i fucking hope that this type of sentiment can be defeated....but i have my doubts.
i have a feeling that there are more of 'them' than 'us'.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

the only really funny parts are 7:30 pm and 8 pm, but damn are they funny.

i'm going to try and jack off to these videos of heavy weaponry destroying shit so that i will know what it feels like to be a white christian in america. i'll let you know how it goes.

best article EVAR.

The Zicaris face a more concrete threat: They each face maximum sentences of 50 years in prison and $2.5 million fines. By comparison, the maximum sentence for actual rape in Pennsylvania is 20 years.

and the ne plus ultra of written/printed word, over the past 3-5 millenia, is.....drumroll please.......
Finally, their Internet domain name,, is now the property of the United States.

i like this article, about copyrights and copynorms in russia. in particular, the following quotation is great:

"It's part of the Soviet legacy," said Timothy Swanson, with the United States Embassy's commercial section here, which has been battling piracy on behalf of American film and music companies. "An artist was an artist — he got paid a salary. There weren't royalties for artists or composers. Everything was owned by the state — for 70 years intellectual property rights never existed."

i think the blogosphere should try and help this cause.
the site in question has the ACLU listed as a pro-jewish hate group.

saw this book 'occidentalism' at the bookstore today. i flipped through a couple pages and it looks pretty good. i would have gotten it, but i think i'll wait for the paperback b/c not only am i poor but i also like to destroy my books by breaking their backs. although (jesus christ) it's a lot cheaper on amazon than it was in the book store.

why didn't any of you jackasses tell me that chomsky has a blog?

this is like jerry springer for colonial america.
if there was a best of episode, this dude sounds like he would be all up in there.
it's kinda sad to see how those blokes treated their wives though. kinda shitty if you ask me. and another thing: what the fuck is up with the founding fathers stealing my dreams? they all married sugar mommas! redoculous!

that poppendick joke doesn't seem so poppenfunny anymore.
jesus fucking christ.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

i know it was a terrible attrocity and everything, but seriously, do you think the judge started giggling when he pronounced the verdict for Helmut Poppendick?

mitworld lecture on computational and systems biology at mit
here's another one with leroy hood on systems biology

the premise of this book sounds interesting: a reverse lolita (of sorts).

FUCK!! i'm not even into fucking music, but jesus fucking fuck! dmb?! u2 over radiohead!! counting fucking CROWS over neil FUCKING YOUNG!!!
slow down jesus henry...hyperventilating....running out of formatting options for text....breathe deeply. count to 10....
i am trying to rationalize this by blaming it on canada -- FRENCH canada at that -- but come FUCKING ON!

grab the nancy sinatra song 'bang bang', used in some movie no one saw called 'kill bill'

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

god, sometimes i really should use the delete feature on blogger.

fuck, mexicans are so damn lazy. except for those two chums who landscape my yard. they are reasonable chaps. not that i don't believe in white power or anything, because i do. god knows i do. good lord allmighty -- if god didn't believe white power was the greatest thing since blowjobs, then why would he make jesus, his only son, white? and if christianity wasn't the greatest religion, then why would god make jesus, his only son, christian? this is what the left wing liberal media doesn't want you to hear. but i am not afraid to speak such truths. why? because i am hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.
that's why.
you jew.

the best part about this story is the following quotation, which is probably the first time the combination of words has been used together:

"He seemed like a normal kid with a normal life," said Timothy Loui, who is studying 3-D design. "He liked video games and watching Japanese animation. He was a sociable guy."

via boingboing:
Putting 40,000 Readers, One by One, on a Cover

via lowculture:
New York Daily News - Daily Dish & Gossip - 20 things about Condie:
"3. She once had a Chevron oil tanker named after her when she served on the company's board of directors. After concerns that her name made the ship a more inviting terror target, the tanker was renamed Altair Voyager."
and zeppelin?
what the fuck?
i would never have guessed.

Monday, April 05, 2004

download the nirvana song in this fluxblog post. if it's not still up, holla at your boy to get your inbox blessed with a motherfucking string quartet playing smells like teen spirit. tangentially, why no one has done a sitar, tabla, and harmonium cover of 'smells like dirty chuddies' is beyond me.

GOP take note: i'll vote for bush if a real doll somehow finds it's way into my bedroom.

get these before it's too late. remember when you didn't get a genera hypercolor? now it's gone forever and you look like a chump. don't let that happen again.

sometimes i wish i didn't jack off so often so that i could do something cool like this. then my torrent finishes and it's back to putting mr. smelly in a microwaved banana peel.

Fratocrates asks: am I drinking the Rolling Rock....or is the Rolling Rock drinking me???